Zürich (Switzerland): The Hotel Atlantis has been squatted

Today the Hotel Atlantis on the outskirts of the Swiss economic capital Zureich (too rich) has been squatted. The city is growing but affordable housing and autonomous spaces for experimenting souls are disappearing. Space is needed to live and unfold all the possibilities of human beings.

The action went smooth and the cops didn’t even bothered to show up. As long as the owner doesn’t file a complaint they will not take action. The Company which owns the place is a multinational operating hotel exploitant: Rosebud heritage SA which owns also at least one hotel in Bruxelles. Hotel Atlantis has been empty for 8 years and will give home to various groups which are fighting the overpriced, through and through commercialized and ever increasing repression in one of the richest cities in the world. If you have any experience or information over the Rosebud heritage SA, please shared it with us, so we can make complete picture of their activities. We suspect them for quite some nasty things.

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