Chile: About the bombas case and information technology safety

Comments from Chile

To the security community focused on helping social strugglers all over the world.

First, thanks for all your efforts on building tools for human and social liberation, this is a feedback from Chile written as suggestion from some of you and we hope you enjoy. Several parts from this material wasn’t taken in a legal way, I’m not going to offer any proofs about this as that can means tracking the people who helped to get this information, making them face jail charges and torture on interrogations. If you want to check if this statements are true, check the provided links and ask about this to people in Chile.
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London: Solidarity gathering for the anarchists accused in the “caso bombas” in Chile


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28/04/2011 – A few individuals gathered yesterday at the Chilean Embassy in central London as a small token of solidarity to the Anarchist comrades in Chile (on their 65th day of hunger strike).

A banner was opened that read FREEDOM TO THE ANARCHIST COMRADES IN CHILE, ACCUSED IN THE “CASO BOMBAS” ON HUNGER STRIKE SINCE 21/2/11-. Some went into the embassy and threw flyers into most offices and entrance area while screaming IMMEDIATE FREEDOM TO THE CHILEAN ANARCHISTS ACCUSED IN THE CASO BOMBAS CASE!. Fliers were also given to passersby and workers in hard hats on the scaffolding of a building opposite, who broke into a shout of FREEDOM! with fists raised (for them it was a bit of a joke) along with the comrades.

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Squatted House in Santiago de Chile


  Squatted House in Santiago de Chile


First, we must remember that in our (in Europe) glorydays of the 80s, there were no such movement in Chile out of “natural” reasons.

It all started after 1990. The current house (there have been 3 squats) has been squatted for 1.5 years now. In Chile, the police can’t evict squatters if


  • the owners of the house or the land doesn’t demand it.
  • the owners of the house doesn’t care.

It has been a home for homeless people and junkies in the past, but the current squatters moved in and took over the place.

It took 3 months before the police found out it was squatted – Sometimes they come to ask questions, but can’t do more.

The house is an old bakeryfactory and needs a lot of repairs. There is still water and electricity and the telefonelines are functional. The have concerts every now and then to raise money to repair the roof in the main hall.

They don’t allow alcohol because it mostly ends up in big fights and destruction.

They got a little yard with plans for homegrown food. The people in the house are about 20-30, which are mostly punks.