On December 31st 2009, a judge of the Brugge court ruled that the eviction notice passed against the occupiers of 2002 may still be used to evict the present occupiers of the Lappersfort forest in Brugge, Belgium. On Tuesday last week, a representative robot from Fabricom GTI was quoted in the media saying that they would follow the judicial path, and were planning to sit down and discuss the eviction with the Brugge police. This claim that they will follow the “legal” path isnt something we’re relying on, and we are expecting an eviction any day now. This morning (Thursday 7th January, 2010), the police snipped open part of our fence and broke their way in to the forest. Four of them had a little piggy tour, taking photos and being generally mysterious and stupid. One of us heard them sneaking around in the night, which means they must have cut the fence at night then snuck in during the morning. As the police start doing such things here, and the fact that Fabricom Suez already has an eviction notice, can only make us think that the eviction is just around the corner…..

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