Save the Blauwe Aanslag (The Hague, NL)

In 1980 the old tax-building in The Hague was squatted. The name ‘BLAUWE AANSLAG’was chosen because of the blue papers everybody gets every year+to pay their tax. After the council became owner it was decided to renovate the building (with money from the governement). The people of the Blauwe Aanslag made an agreement with the council that the Blauwe Aanslag became owner and that the building would be renovated in three stages.

After the first stage in 1993 the council decided to stop the renovation because all of a sudden they had other plans. They want to build a big road in the middle of the centre and the Blauwe Aanslag is standing in the way. In January 1995 the council decided to demolish and evict the Blauwe Aanslag the legal proccedures had begun. By now 8 years and lots of court cases as well have past and as it turns out that the arguments of the council are based on wrong information and false traffic counts they still want to evict. The last 23 years (almost) the Blauwe Aanslag has grown in to a multi-cultural centre with: bookshop, A vegan restaurant, Squatbar, a club, printers, cinema, cater service, metal workshop, wood workshop, voko and more. And a nice place for a lot of people to live in. Now they want to evict and demolish all that has been built up through the years. BASTARDS!!

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