Kavala (Greece): Communiqué by anarchists/anti-authoritarians regarding the recent attack on the Autonomous Hangout

We would like to ‘thank’ those who planned and participated in the smashing of our place’s facade, be it the official police or parastatal ‘patriots’. In this way, they confirmed once again that we are annoying for the current regime of poverty, impoverishment and acceleration of fascism.

We have seen an attack such as breaking our window glasses, or something even more serious, coming. The latest history and stance of the anti-authoritarian space shows that the batons of police squads, the knives of parastatal ‘patriots’, the prosecutions and the bullets, which murdered Alexandros Grigoropoulos and Lambros Foundas, failed to curb the desire for a society without exploitation of human by human, for a world of freedom. Instead, they just serve to make us more conscious, consistent and mature in how we can plan the subversion more effectively. [Read More]