Amsterdam: House squatted on Herengracht 377, Villa Fuerte blijft!

Cops came by during the reveal at Herengracht 377. The cops left but still want to come back for a speed eviction tomorrow. Support needed in coming days! After long hours of waiting in the heat, cops said they have legal grounds to speed-evict, but won’t do it because they didn’t have the capacity today (thanks to the people that showed up for support in front of the door). Neighbors said they didn’t see or heard the squatters these past few days, so police want to speed-evict for catching squatters red-handed, but the squatters showed them proofs that they had been staying for several days already. The cops don’t care and said they can come back anytime for speed eviction in the morning or during the day of the 26th. Stay alert and come when you can! Villa Fuerte needs to stay.

Statement Villa Fuerte

Today on Sunday the 25th of June, we announce that we have squatted this house on Herengracht 377 in Amsterdam. This place is owned by Ella Marina Nicolette Habsburg-Lothringen, member of a royal dynasty, who turned it into a Yoga center for her rich friends and that is now left empty.
We are a group of people from different ages and places, who decided to squat this building to have a house.
Our action is both a political action and a way to find housing.
We squat because it is getting practically impossible to get access to affordable housing in Amsterdam and even less so in the center that is sold out to big speculators or bullshit yuppie projects like a Yoga studio on a single floor of a gigantic house. We believe everyone should have unconditional access to free housing. We squat this place because we are outraged that houses are left empty in the city center, in a time where so many people struggle to find affordable housing in the city, and are more and more pushed to the periphery of the city. As long as Villa Fuerte is empty, we will make use of it as housing ourselves! We don’t need to pay expensive yoga clases in city center studio to relax, we just need fucking houses for everyone to sleep. LOOL Fuck the rich, squat the world! Also fuck the royalty, we are our own queens <3

Villa Fuerte
Herengracht 377

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