Amsterdam: R.A.A.K. New Social Center

New squatted social centre R.A.A.K. (Radikale Anti-Anti Kraak) opens its doors. Write an email to get involved or pass by to Douwes Dekkerstraat 18.


We are openly anarchist and use methods that seek to built collective power against and alongside that of the state and capitalism. We want this space to be one that is welcoming,a space that encourages education and participation. We seek to strengthen and create bonds of solidarity to collectively support each other and fight back against that which oppresses us. Anyone who agrees with these aims and has a willingness to actively participate is welcome to help organise and run the space. We imagine and work towards a world in which everyone can truly be free, a world without hierarchy and oppression.


Mutual Aid – Acting together for shared benefit through the voluntary exchange of resources and services.

Distributed Power – No one has more power than anyone else. People work together on equal footing.

Direct action – Creating change or highlighting issues in a community without relying on government or other indirect methods to accomplish goals.

We don’t work with companies or the private sector
– We don’t work with the police or the state
– We are against all forms of exploitation and oppression including but not limited to those based on class, race, sex, sexuality, gender or ability, and we support trans and sex-worker inclusive feminism
– We organise in a supportive, inclusive way, free from bullying or abusive behaviour

Transformative Solidarity – We are committed to act in solidarity for the collective liberation of all; in particular, with folks who are being politically targeted: people of color, women, people who are muslim, LGBTQI+, people with disabilities, migrants, victims of the criminal ‘justice’ system, and all suffering under oppressive systems. Our feminism is trans and sex worker inclusive.

Respecting a diversity of tactics – We question the state’s monopoly of violence. We are against violence but not exclusively non violent. We are against classist, racist, colonial, capitalist, patriarchal and other structural forms of violence. We respect a diversity of tactics and will never police each other or others on the methods chosen for self defense.

Concrete Projects – We prioritize projects that: 1) Serve and educate the community; 2) Give people a sense of their own power; and, 3) Shift power from government and corporations to people and communities.

Inclusivity – We welcome and make space for anyone interested in our aims & principles.

Responsive – We value input from the community and want to respond directly to the needs and concerns of those around us. We accept responsibility for our actions as individuals and as a group.

Autonomy – Individual’s ideas and energies are important and encouraged. We are structured to limit any coercion or control that could interfere with a person’s rights of self direction and empowerment.

Joyous – In a world full of drudgery and fear, we bring playfulness and joy to our projects.

Douwes Dekkerstraat 18
The Netherlands
raak [at] riseup [dot] net

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