Wuppertal: The Osterholz forest and occupation is under threat of eviction and uprooting

Tension is rising in the beautiful Osterholz forest on the city limits of Wuppertal and Haan. The Administrative Court of Düsseldorf has rejected the complaint of local residents against the immediate enforcement of the planning approval process. This means that we have to expect an eviction of the occupation and uprooting of the forest even more.

According to the administrative court, the local residents “are only entitled to file a complaint with regard to their own rights; they cannot successfully assert concerns of the general public, such as the general importance of the forest for the environment,” and it continues: “The avoidance of negative effects on the climate is one of the concerns to be taken into account, but not all other interests must necessarily be subordinated to it.”

Although the citizens’ initiative “Osterholz Bleibt” has developed alternative solutions for the excavation material of the lime works Oetelshofen, and for that reason alone a possible clearing is not only bad for the climate, but also completely unnecessary. We could write a lot here about the responsibility of especially the Black/Green coalition in Wuppertal, or the district government of Düsseldorf, but we will do that another time. The important thing is: Come to the Osterholz forest now!

If you can not come until later: Send your cell phone number to jeder-baum-zaehlt [at] riseup [dot] net if you want to receive an alert SMS in case of an eviction/clearing.

Protect forests!

Defend Osterholz forest!

Climate protection remains manual work!

You will find the forest occupation here:



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