Amsterdam: Joe’s Garage, sweet sixteen and still angry!

Joe’s Garage was squatted 16 years ago. The squatting group East has been active in the Transvaal neighborhood for about 20 years, starting with the squatting of Pretoriussstraat 28 in 2001. We are open to the neighborhood on a weekly basis, with the give away shop, the squatting assistance, movie nights and the people’s kitchen.
In addition to our activities as a squatting group with other squats such as Het Blijvertje and de Valreep, we’ve also supported initiatives in East such as Bajesdorp in the Amstel district, the Nieuwland in the Dapper neighbourhood and soon the Nieuwe Meent on the Archimedesplantsoen, in which buildings were acquired in collective ownership and combining activities for and in the neighbourhood.

Despite all this, in Amsterdam East and the Transvaal neighbourhood, social housing and other affordable housing is under great pressure from speculation in the housing market, with more and more people finding themselves financially struggling. Increasing uncertainty of your housing because of precarity and affordability make people desperate.

Good affordable and secure housing is not a luxury item, but a necessity for everyone!

We want to use our anniversary to make a call to join the national housing protest.
We want an end to the sell-out of East, starting in the Transvaal neighborhood.
We support the Housing Protest, and the demonstration against the housing crisis on September 12 starting from Westerpark at 14:00.

Come make banners on the Steve Bikoplein. We organize a protest demonstration against the total sell-out of the Transvaal neighbourhood on September 11. You can go to the Steve Bikoplein from 14:00 to 19:00 for the manifestation, lots of flyers, info table, food on donation and music.
Until then!

Joe’s Garage
Pretoriusstraat 43, Amsterdam, Netherlands

July 2021 – New Squatting Law – Squat Wars IV, Return of the squatting ban.
May 2020 – Amsterdam’s New Policy: No Eviction for Emptiness…

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Joe’s Garage