Ghent: opening of the Blauwhuis

Since this morning, the Blauwhuis in Nazareth (Belgium) is open. The farmstead and the land around it belong to the Ghent public patrimony and are sold on the private market. The squatting of the Blauwhuis is an indictment of the privatization of our public housing and land, especially when we see how many people do not have access to (decent) housing and nutritious meals. We give the homes to those who need them and the land to the farmers without land, so that food from the Ghent countryside comes to the city again.
For sustainable agriculture, a sustainable investment policy, food sovereignty and sustainable coexistence.

Against the privatization of public property, against the concept of ‘not growing = dead flourishing’, against hunger and against the housing shortage, against profit maximization at the expense of the citizens of Ghent

Come along, from 11 am everyone is welcome! there is coffee, tea, food and lots of hospitality!

At 1 pm a bicycle caravan leaves for Blauwhuis at the kiosk in the citadel park, a great atmosphere!

Can’t come and visit us? Come to the Ghent town hall on Monday at 18:30 and take part in the public questioning at the municipal council

If you have any ideas or questions, please contact us at blauwhuishoeve [at] protonmail [dot] com

Sticheldreef 5
9810 Nazareth, Belgium

Squat de Stad, the Ghent squatting movement

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