Solothurn: Wagenplatz “Wagabunten”, 7 years are enough! The “Wagabunten” are still around!

For 7 years now we can be found in our trailers in the city of Solothurn and the surrounding area. 7 years in which we have tried to get our request for a fixed location for our caravan site. But unfortunately there is still no solution for our alternative living project.
In these 7 years we have tried different solutions: we have collected signatures, we have actively approached land owners, be they private individuals, the city, the canton or the surrounding communities.
A concept was also worked out and sent to various parties. But even with the consent of a private land owner and a building permit, obstacles were put in the way of our project. Therefore, the occupation of brownfield sites has proved to be the most effective method for us. In this way we have occupied over 25 derelict sites in the last 7 years. For us “Wagabunten” this means moving on average every 3 to 4 months!
We demand a location for our trailer park!
There are some examples of alternative living in Bern, Biel, Lucerne, etc. that show that they’re in demand and that there are possibilities to legalise such projects.

In October 2020, after several years in the agglomeration around Solothurn, we have decided to move back into the city, as Solothurn was and is the centre of our lives. After occupying the meadow next to the Badi car park the city “generously” gave us the Badi car park for a limited period of 3 months.
Our request to be allowed to use the car park at least until the opening of the Badi season was, to our “surprise”, rejected for reasons of building law. Our request for a joint discussion to find a solution together was simply ignored. We can do that too, we thought to ourselves and let the deadline for clearing the Badi car park pass. But now the Badi will be opening soon and we have been asked to leave the car park again. So our search for a suitable location continues. But we will not be defeated!
We will continue to occupy until one day we can stay!
Trailer parks everywhere!

Los Wagabuntos

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