Dijon: opening of a house for exiled women and gender minorities

A house for exiled people in Dijon

Since Wednesday, April 7, a house located at 23 avenue Roland Carraz in Chenôve has been occupied, with the objective of making it a place of residence for exiled women and gender minorities. Women represent nearly 30% of asylum seekers, but they are still invisible in the media and public discourse.
However, being an exiled woman, and even more so being LGBTQIA+, means being exposed to more difficulties, on the one hand on the migratory routes but also once you arrive in France: precariousness, sexual violence… and administrative violence, inflicted by the whole asylum application process. In the OFPRA offices, among other absurd and painful justifications, LGBTQIA+ people are obliged to prove their sexual orientation or gender, undergoing the heavy (and often impossible) task of telling their intimate story, while possibly not being believed if they do not fit the stereotypes.

In order to find accommodation, it is difficult to find solidarity, intimacy and to feel comfortable, whether in “conventional” reception places (CADA, Samu) or in alternative accommodation places. Wherever they are housed, people find themselves in spaces that are mainly inhabited and organized by men. This can increase feelings of isolation and make it more difficult to rebuild after a migration experience. Creating this new living space provides an opportunity for people in need to find a space where they feel comfortable to support and care for themselves. In these times of epidemic, this small-scale housing also allows people to protect themselves and to live the confinement in decent conditions.
We find it absurd that the number of vacant housing remains so high while people are still living on the streets. And since the state chooses to engage in systematic repression or to tear down tents when it is actually its responsibility to house these people, it seems legitimate to us to organize ourselves to requisition housing.

Squat Carraz
23 avenue Roland Carraz
21300 Chenôve, France

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