Lugano: CS()A Il Molino under eviction threat!

Unnamed comrades, friends who remain
be strong and spread the social truths,
This is the revenge we demand from you.
This is the revenge we demand from you.
(From the song “Addio Lugano bella”, Pietro Gori, 1895)

The social center Il Molino in Lugano (Ticino-Switzerland), is under eviction threat. Following the strong repression of the 8th of march demo in the train station of Lugano, when the police used pepper spray and batons against the demonstrators, politicians (Lega dei Ticinesi, UDC-SVP, PLR-FDP) and local media started a campaign for the eviction of the Molino under the old bourgeois discourse of the “respect of the rules of democracy for all its citizens” and “for social peace and law and order”.

The message is clear: in the tax haven of Lugano, there is no place for a space that does not follow the capitalistic rule of profit. In a city where you have a bank in every street, what would you expect?
We don’t know when it will happen, but it could be soon! So better be prepared!

If the eviction happens the meeting points are:
Same day: in the city center of Lugano.
The following saturday: demonstration in the city.


20.03.2021 – Public assembly in defense of self-management

In order to stem the spread of contagion, for a year now, in Ticino and in many other places, we are witnessing a succession of regulations and emergency measures that foment further inequality between those who oppress and those who suffer oppression, forcing even more the mechanism of control and management of people, bodies, spaces and territories. It seems clear to us that the reason of state, combined with the reason of profit, have produced and continue to produce huge problems of health, violence and exploitation of entire populations. We are convinced that in order to get out of this situation there is an urgent need for a resumption of the principles of self-management and self-determination from below, and that the sources of oppression of this hetero-patriarchal, racist, ecocidal and capitalist system must be revealed again by the struggles and the bodies that act them out in the space of reciprocity. We think we can give ourselves, even in this situation of health crisis, the forms and practices to be able to recognize ourselves again on the paths of conflict. We strongly reject that this situation can be used to further secure city and non-city spaces, to extend new forms of control and isolation, to further deregulate the workday, to increase and hide racist and patriarchal violence, to clear spaces of self-management and implement the old extra activist and ecocidal forms of the techno-industrial system.

It is not our intention to let ourselves be led into the division of the good responsibles and the bad destroyers. Of good and bad self-management. Self-management and self-determination are experimental practices in the making – certainly not free from errors and deficiencies – that will continue to invent themselves and to mark the contradictions of the system. With the constant awareness of considering the venerated pre and post covid “normality” an uninhabitable, putrid, unjust and discriminatory place.

Foce del Cassarate
Saturday, March 20, 2021, starting at 2pm.

Everyone will be free to express themselves and self-determine the spaces and ways of speaking, respecting the sensibilities of each. In case of rain the assembly will be moved to the social center Il Molino.

CS()A il Molino
Viale Cassarate 8
6900 Lugano, Switzerland


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Il Molino
Il Molino