Bristol: Gloucester Road centre evicted

Today police in Bristol have violently evicted a squatted social centre, making some occupants homeless and subjecting everyone to risk of covid-19, all in the name of building more luxury flats on Gloucester Rd. And the pigs here very much standing on guard for the bailiffs as they try to clear a building that had been empty for years and was serving as homeless accommodation. #ACAB #ABAB

We arrived in the morning watching the gradual police build-up and joining the outstanding resistance to this illegal eviction. Some of us returned in the afternoon to show support and solidarity.16 riot vans, at least 6 area cars,and endless police. Disproportionate response.

Government: ‘There will be no evictions during the pandemic’. Meanwhile on Gloucester Rd in Bristol, dozens of cops, many in riot gear, are evicting a social centre that has been home to many.

Bailiffs have made it to the roof of the Pigeonshit Collective social centre on Gloucester Rd. Residents still inside holding strong in spite absolutely massive soon bailiff presence. Come down if you can, Bristol!

The police rope team look properly confused about how they gonna get the last couple of folks from Pigeonshit Collective down, to clear the way for the luxury flats.

The bailiffs enforcing homelessness on Gloucester Road today at a nasty eviction – Able Investigations, 1 Riverside Business Park, St Ann’s Rd, Bristol BS4 4ED. Tel 0845 370 7401 / enquiries [at] ableinvestigations [dot] com

This is the lead high court enforcement officer (bailiff) on the eviction today in Bristol. Gather his name is Steve Wood. Hard to think of a more despicable human…

And what a lovely fellow Steve is. Not content with summoning the heavy mob so he can effectively bully people out of their home in the midst of a pandemic turns out he’s also an ex UKIP chairman. #WeCopWatch

Riot cops coming in to enforce this social centre eviction. Unbelievable! 248 Gloucester Rd Bristol. Back up needed!

Chants of “All Cops Are Bailiffs!” (aka ACAB) ringing thru the crowd. Hella tru today. Close to 100 cops supporting this social centre eviction today.

Cops starting to kettle protesters. Horses back out. It’s mad.

Most of the crowd has been blocked in by cops.

Well it’s done. Took nearly 100 police n high court bailiffs 8+hrs to clear the Pigeonshit Collective from the social center they’d occupied after it had sat vacant for 7yrs, but the resistance + solidarity were incredible. Roughly 100 people were outside all day! This can grow!

Crowdsourced report from twitter … what the fuck has happened to alternative media in the UK?