Nantes: New squat on rue Babonneau. You can’t lockdown people outside!

Every evening during the meal distributions the volunteers of l’Autre Cantine (the Other Canteen) meet single men, families with babies and children who have no accommodation. They are out in the cold, often in the rain with wet clothes and wet mattresses. In September they even saw their belongings being thrown in the garbage by the municipal police. They ask us where to sleep and if the state will shelter them.
Since last March we have been in a sanitary crisis due to Covid-19 and have been locked again for 4 days. But them, how can they lock them outside? Why don’t the State and the town hall plan anything? Neither masks, nor shelter, it is once again the most precarious who are voluntarily forgotten.
It is inconceivable for us to see a hundred people on the street, it is a heartbreak to which no one can remain insensitive. This is why we support the new occupation of an empty building, 2 Rue Babonneau!
L’Autre Cantine promises material aid (clothing, mattresses, blankets, food) to the building’s occupants until the state takes over.

Squat empty buildings!

Statement from DAL 44:

Faced with the immobility and impassivity of Nantes’ institutions (prefecture, metropolis and city hall), civil society has mobilized once again to say ‘No’ to the senseless policies of our leaders, and to highlight their ineffectiveness and lack of reaction.

Yesterday, Monday November 2, L’Autre Cantine Nantes announced and supported a new occupation thanks to which more than a hundred people were sheltered (still in need of clothes, mattresses, etc.). More than a hundred people who, until yesterday, were still waiting for a state care that never arrived.

When our leaders continued to evict squats, to put people on the street, harass and drive them out of the city center in an attempt to make them invisible, citizens mobilized and clearly refused the banalization and normalization of misery, a misery that is only reproducing and expanding with the liberalization and commodification of the right that is the right to housing. What sense is there in imposing a lockdown when hundreds of people who do not have the means to lock themselves are left on the street?

DAL 44 obviously supports this occupation, and we hope that it serves not only to shelter people who until yesterday had no shelter, but also to make evident the failure of institutions that prefer to turn a blind eye.
We hope that it serves to force them to open their eyes and look, to undertake the necessary debate on the right to shelter, the right to universal care for all citizens.


L’Autre Cantine, 18 rue de Cornulier, Nantes
Squat 2 Rue Babonneau, Nantes
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