Belo Horizonte (Brazil): For Squat Kasa Invisível, keep your support, we’re almost there!

First of all, we want to thank every one, every collective, union, and groups supporting us! We already reached almost 2,000 dolars to fix the entire roof of our squat. Keep sharing the message to those which are in a position to help us keep our work and our house! Stay safe and healthy!

Video Campaign:

Kasa Invisível is a house built in the 1930’s in the heart of Belo Horizonte. Occupied in 2013 by an autonomous and self-organized collective, Kasa is a living space and a social center that offers free activities open to the whole community.

For 7 years, people and groups from Brazil and the world have been visiting Kasa Invisível, holding debates, workshops, movie screenings, concerts, courses, bookfairs and festivals. In addition to hosting events and meetings for unions and social movement groups, Kasa functions daily as a community kitchen, library, infoshop, screen printing workshop and vegan food cooperative.

During the pandemic and the period of social isolation, the Kasa collective started to organize regular actions to support homeless people and workers in the region against the effects of covid-19. Gathering and donating food, clothing, blankets and hygiene kits, direct action and mutual support became even more common in the day-to-day occupation.

Video from the Solidarity Action against effects of Covid-19:

(subtitles in Spanish and English)

In the beginning of July, we spreaded a call for solidarity, asking for help to gain resources to be able to continue the activities of the squat. We need to fix the roof and gutters, that were severely damaged by the last rains in the city and also by the time the houses stayed abandoned before the occupation. Also we need to improve the electrical pipes, repair floors and walls and expand doors and hallways for accessibility.

The responses to the campaign were very positive! With help from friends, groups and other social movements, and from a lot of other people and collectives that donate and shared our story, we were able to raise 30% of the full value (US$ 6,000) that will cover the costs of labor, transportation and materials we need to keep the project running and the occupants safe.

But we have to keep going! Please keep donating ANY VALUE and sharing the campaign with everyone on your address book. Together we can help ourselves beyond the governments or the capitalist companies.

We know that the whole world is going through a moment of crisis, but we hope that, more than ever, we can stick together in solidarity, because it is the only way not to go back to normal, because normal was never enough, but to build a new world.

Help Kasa Invisível achieve this goal, keeping its activities free and its doors open to the whole community!

Squat and Resist!

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Mutual Aid campaing during the pandemics / Video for this Campaign

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