Zürich: new wagenplatz taken

Today 31 july, we have taken the space between Bernerstrasse, Aargauerstrasse and Depotweg to create a wagenplatz here. A home is now being created here, a non-commercial place where we want to live in a self-determined way. We also want to give a strong signal against the expulsion of the middle and low-income earners from the quarters and the city centre, which is actively driven by the city.

Zurich West now resembles a Lego landscape consisting of overpriced apartments, hotel complexes and office buildings. Living in the city is becoming increasingly expensive, affordable housing is scarce. The city of Zurich is actively driving this development, as was made clear with the example of the Juch eviction to make space for trucks to turn around.

We are not fundamentally against parking lots and trucks, but we do revive them!

Here, in this place, where the realities of life do not correspond in various ways to current social norms, we are looking forward to an exchange and living together in solidarity with our neighbours. We are not creating a party place here, but a communal living space with a cultural offer.
It is built, cooked, repaired, lived and learned. Come by! Bring a tent and sun protection.

We demand the preservation of existing free spaces, as well as the establishment and recognition of new solidary and open projects.
For the non-commercial use of all free standing houses and fallow land!
For more wagenplatz!

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