UK: Save Crackley Woods Camp

Crackley, Birches Roughknowles and Broadwells, all ancient woodlands outside Kenilworth, Warwickshire, are under threat from HS2. Recently, some work in ancient woodland was halted but some is still happening, and HS2 Ltd still plan to take down parts of the Queens Diamond Jubilee Wood during the current review.

The camp is not in the main bit of Crackley Woods, and is most easily found just behind the HS2 compound on Cryfield Grange Road, CV8 2JU (some satnavs may send you to where the university cycle path crosses the road, we are NOT there, we are at the Crackley Lane end, behind the HS2 compound). The camp is also accessible via the bridleway that starts at Crackley Farm and crosses the Greenway on a bridge.
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There are three main reasons for being here right now

  1. it turns out the bit of Crackley Woods that sticks out with the brook through it isn’t in the ancient woodland register, so they could take that now. It’s too wet to camp there, but that’s right next door.
  2. The diamond wood plantation in the university of Warwick land (you can get here from that way too) isn’t ancient woodland and HS2 have confirmed they intend to take some of it during the review.
  3. We don’t trust the buggers not to hit the ancient woodlands, no matter what they say, especially as a sub contractor lied this morning about works at Broadwells.

Anyway, we need support as we want to make sure there is at least one person here at all times both in the day and overnight and am trying to figure out how a google docs rota works, but will need help in any way it comes, not just being here, but also with supplies and infrastructure.

The idea is of course that once we are more established, more people will be involved and it all becomes easier, so please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested and thank you for your support.

Location: Crackley lane, Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV82JT
Facebook: Crackley Woods HS2 Protection Camp