UK: Poors Piece Conservation Project

Hello there. Thank you everyone for your continued support. It is much appreciated. Please see below a camp wish list for some basic foodstuff essentials. Every donation is valued and appreciated.
Thank you.

  • Tinned tomatoes
  • Tinned baked beans, chick peas, kidney beans, sweetcorn,etc.
  • Tinned coconut milk
  • Soup
  • Dried green and red lentils.
  • Cereal (not oats at the moment)
  • And….clothes for a two year old girl.

Location:Steeple Claydon, Bucks, MK18 2HH
Facebook: Poors Piece Conservation Project

More about the Poors Piece Conservation Project:
Acting now; planning for the Future.

Protect, Conserve, Serve

Vision statement:

To work alongside the local communities of Steeple Claydon and Calvert and the wider communities of the Aylesbury Vale to protect the environment as far as we are able from the destructive activities of HS2 Ltd by means of communication and, when necessary, peacefully exercise our human right to protest and to mitigate for losses.
Poor’s Piece Conservation Project is a decentralised network of groups and individuals from a variety of backgrounds and campaigns, organising autonomously to oppose HS2. We oppose all abuses of power that lead to the destruction of nature.
We will show respect to everyone – to each other, the general public. Above all we show respect to the natural world, our greatest resource and means of survival.
We engage in no violence, physical or verbal . We avoid needless confrontation with HS2 operatives and the police.
Based at Poor’s Piece Wood, Steeple Claydon, we aim to protect this remnant of ancient woodland and the surrounding countryside, including Calvert Jubilee Nature Reserve, Decoypond Wood and Sheep House Wood as well as the miles of interconnecting hedgerow and wooded areas, refuge for the wildlife that has flourished but has already been dispossessed by the enabling works for HS2. Sadly, some areas are already lost, as are the lives of many animals.
Our Requirements:
TELL THE TRUTH- UK Government, both central and local, educators and those holding a role of responsibility within society, must tell the truth. They must also take responsibility for our wildlife, ecological, human impact and health related costs, the extent of the disruption on communities affected, and the livelihoods disrupted and displaced. It lies within their jurisdiction, to encourage the media and all related HS2 contractors and marketing to do the same.
UK Government, both central and local, to stop HS2 Ltd work immediately – stopping all ecocide, wildlife crime, seizing property and land, assaulting environmental protectors and deforestation of irreplaceable ancient woodland in a time of global ecological and climate emergency.
UK Government to fund an urgent citizens assembly to decide how to best repair all ecological and social damage done to date by HS2 Ltd, funding all regenerative projects implemented in reparation. All future infrastructure projects to be decided by citizens and/or people’s assemblies, ensuring they all meet the Paris Climate Agreement.