Caen: eviction of the squat of the former Guy Liar College in Mondeville

On Wednesday 24th June, from 6am, the Calvados prefecture evicted a squat in Mondeville, the former Guy Liard college on rue Albert Bayet at the request of the owner, the departmental council and with the agreement of the town hall of Mondeville. Four families were housed in four former staff housing units, two other families and single people had been living in a former administrative building since January 4th. A total of about 40 people, including about 15 children, were evicted this morning. The Prefecture communicated as early as 6.15 am on social networks, proposing a solution of one week’s re-housing in a hotel after studying the individual situations, and it “will invite foreign nationals in an irregular situation to leave the national territory”! This means that families will either be placed under house arrest at the hotel (daily judicial control at the police station, obligation to be present at the hotel from 6pm to 9pm…), or deported to the CRA (Administrative Detention Centre) in Oissel near Rouen (the one in Rennes is closed and will reopen on 30 June) awaiting a hypothetical deportation.

As part of the state of health emergency, the winter truce has been extended until July 10th. This measure applies to all the squats under the jurisdiction of the Tribunal d’Instance (ten out of twelve squats currently). This squat was evictable since February 21st by decision of the Administrative Court, therefore it could not benefit from the winter truce from a legal point of view. Nevertheless, given the current circumstances, it is perfectly scandalous to throw dozens of people out on the street after a week of rehousing in a hotel or to consider their eviction in some cases. During previous evictions, the Calvados prefecture claimed in the press that it carried out evictions only during school holidays so as not to disrupt the children’s schooling. All the children are schooled in the Caennaise conurbation and had resumed school (compulsory again two days ago! ). What urgency prompted the prefecture and the departmental council to proceed with this eviction less than a fortnight before the school holidays when, as far as we know, the demolition/reconstruction project is far away?

We, activists of the Assemblée Générale de Lutte contre toutes les expulsions, are outraged by this eviction and demand the application of the Right to Housing and the requisition of empty houses!

We invite you to come and attend the Mondeville town council tonight at 8pm to express our indignation and demand explanations.

Caen, June 24th 2020

Assemblée Générale de Lutte contre toutes les expulsions
Caen, France
ag-contre-expulsions [at] riseup [dot] net

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