Brighton: Squatted Night Shelter update

Hello friends,
We’re sorry for being so quiet lately. In case you were wondering, we wanted to let you know that this project is still going. We currently have a building where people are being housed, although, for now at least, we are keeping its location private for the safety of those of us who live there and in the hope of keeping the building for longer.

We are really thankful that, due to your support, we’ve been able to move buildings when we have needed to and keep people housed. There is so much uncertainty at the moment. Many of us are worried about our safety and the safety of people we love, so it means a lot to have somewhere for people to live.
When we’re all being told to #StayHome, it’s important to remember that for so many people that just isn’t a possibility. There are hundreds and thousands of homeless people in the UK. Every night, many of them sleep on the streets, where their health is already at serious risk. Covid-19 could be deadly to people who have no way to protect themselves or to self-isolate.
We can’t trust the state to look after us, particularly the most vulnerable people in our communities. All we have is each other and solidarity is everything. Please remember that over the coming weeks.
If you haven’t already, join your local mutual aid group and see what you can do to help.
Let’s keep looking for ways to support each other ❤️

DIY Kodak Collective