Manchester: New shelter squatted

Update from Manchester Winter Shelter: We have secured a new space that we hope to keep over the xmas period. We are now open for homeless folk.

If you are part of a homeless organisation/ outreach or hosting a xmas dinner please point people with no where to stay to us if they need it. We need people with cars who are available to collect people. Please message us if this is something you’re able to help with.

*We are still not able to take any donations due to the huge amount we have recieved*
Many, many thanks.

We do need some xmas dinner bits but at the moment we only have veg with no gravy or bird.

If you are someone who has offered us time we will be in touch shortly about what you may be able to help with. Right now our priority is getting people inside that may need somewhere to get their head down and not be alone and on the streets for the next week.

Call us if you are bringing someone – 07856050327