Berlin: Greek consulate occupied – Solidarity with the squats in Greece

Since the July 15, 2019 a wave of repression against the squatted spaces in Greece has been in full force.. Therefore today on December 23, 2019, the symbolic action or rather the occupation of the Greek consulate in Berlin-Mitte (city centre of Berlin, Enough 14), took place as a direct solidarity action.
On November 20, 2019 the Greek Minister for Public Order, Chrisochoidis M., issued a 15 day ultimatum against the autonomous scene, with the option to leave the buildings and houses or sign a contract with the owners.

After the ultimatum expired, the first four evictions occurred within a few days in the Attica metropolitan area.. In the time before that, the following happened: 15 occupied spaces or self-managed house projects were violently evicted, the police invaded the autonomous Info space of the ASOEE (University of Economics)., the parliamentary majority abolished the right of asylum on university campuses, criminal law is being tightened, people have been brutally beaten up, sexist assaulted on a daily basis and in revenge for imprisoned for political or ideological reasons (the case of Kortesis Ch., with Leroy Merlin), Reports were constructed by the police (case of V. Stathopoulos) and migrants or fugitives were secretly transported from the city centre to the deportation prisons.

The intensification of repression as a tactic is not only another option of domination in an unstable time period, but the only possibility of social polarization.
The state is arming itself against the coming resistance, as a result of an expansion of social exclusion, and aims to adapt society.
The dystopian scenario of adaptation is caused by the raids, as an essential part of right-wing rhetoric on “duty of obedience, security, development”. At the same time the task of the recently voted out left-wing government of SYRIZA is continued or rather escalated.
The foundations for this will be formed through harmonious close cooperation with the “independent” judiciary.

On the one hand, there is the proposal for acquittal of the Greek public prosecutor Oikonomou for the entire Nazi organization Chrisi Avgi (Golden Dawn) and the only proposal for conviction of Roupakias G. on December 17, 2019 for the murder of Pavlos Fyssas in September 2013. On the other hand, the toughest conditions for the defendants for an attack on the Athens Nazi headquarters (they are obliged to visit the police four times a month, they are not allowed to leave the country and they had to pay 15.000 Euro bail.) This is just one example of such “cooperation”. In addition also the cooperation of the media, to enforce a dystopia in Greek society.

We respond to a world of absolute obedience with the world of autonomous projects.
This world calls into question the concept of property, is antihierarchically self-governing, and its components are against any form of domination.
Our active solidarity is our response to your violent doctrines.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.