Amsterdam: New move from the municipality on the squatted bowling in Noord

Urban resort planning to evict a squat. The squatting community needs your help!

Urban Resort is currently making plans to evict a squat in the North of Amsterdam, called ‘the Krakers Bowlwerk’ (squatted in March 2016). The municipality who owns the building asked them to put a broedplaats (breeding grounds) in place, and Urban Resort gladly said yes to this business opportunity.

They are on a mission to clear the area and make it ready for richer tenants, a process called gentrification. Here’s the catch though: Urban Resort had a lot of ties to the squatting scene, so we will be able to stop them. They were founded by our comrades after all at the time of the squatting ban in 2005. With the aim to safeguard sub-cultural niches, that we as a community created. Niches that they are now helping to break down.

At the end of September they will send in a plan to the municipality. We need to make them back out. Not just for the sake of the Bowling, but rather for the squatting community at large. A broedplaats is way worse than regular anti-squat, it’s not just simply affordable working space. It’s a specific tool to raise the rent of an area. We cannot let this happen within our community. Here’s how you can help:

* Call them up at: 020 693 7575
* Send them a friendly email at: info [at] urbanresort [dot] nl
* Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for more actions!

Krakers Bowlwerk
Buikslotermeerplein 4, 1025 EV Amsterdam

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