Berlin: Wagenplatz DieselA and Rummelsburger Bucht faces eviction!

Since May 25th we squatted the area at Hauptstraße 2-3 in Rummelsburger Bucht. Extensive infrastructure was built and installed for our living space as well as for the public and communal area WIDER-STRAND. There are many solidarity events at WIDER-STRAND, connecting with our neighbours and other projects in Berlin.
We do not want to live on the sideways of the streets anymore. The wagenplatz DieselA needs a safe place for living. Besides that we want to make a spotlight on the disgusting way how the plan for the Rummelsburger Bucht was agreed on.
Hundreds of people will loose their living space and/or place for activities and free time. The Coral World is planned to be build here for 500 000 visitors a year as a tourist attraction, the interest is not to keep alternative living spaces. The City of the Rich expands!
For the last months we were ignored by police, politicians and the owners, now the situation is getting more acute. They brought a lot of fences to secure and control the future construction site that will be enormous. Some days ago we heard the rumor that the whole Bucht should be evicted by 2nd September 2019.

An agent of Investa GmbH and 4 security people sneaked on the DiselA place and left a letter where they request us to leave the property immediately – with „kind regards.“
For us this place has been since almost 3 months Home.We refuse to be pushed again on the streets, where we are again exposed to the system of state and their followers, in a city that became unaffordable. We love to live in our trucks, buses and waggons and to live on a place like this is for us an alternative concept to the capitalistic solitary society and also an opportunity to get rid of the crazy unchained rental market! This is why we wish for your support and solidarity!

Eviction threat by Investa GmbH

Investa GmbH is a project developer that is located in Eschborn (Germany). They work allover Germany on the market of the upscale properties. They bought our place in 2017 from the city. After the plan for the Rummelsburger Bucht was decided by the politics of Lichtenberg (by a big coalition from left party to AfD), from 1.Juli 2019 Investa GmbH is also officially owner of the property.
The plan says that on our place should be build crazily expensive property-flats with garage and offices.
Also for the Coral World that is planned for the property next to us, people are threatened of eviction, chased from place to place in favor of the City of Rich.
They are daily confronted with racism and depreciation, an eviction will just mean even more marginalization.
People from the boats will also be chased away. They want to extend the prohibition to put down and lie in anchors, just for fitting in their image of a luxury place. We will loose the last alternative and free spaces that the city has.

This attack on our spaces should not be without an answer!

We call for the early morning of 2nd September 2019 or even the night before to come to the Bucht and stand together against the eviction, capitalist profit and expulsion. We make the city! No matter if the pigs actually will come on that day, now is the time to defend the bay!

We all stay!
Solidarity with all threatened projects!
Against the City of the Rich!
Prisons to gaps – gaps to Waggonplaces!

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