Freiburg (Germany): Squatted former police station evicted after 45 hours

Eviction of the F52 in broad daylight +++ 25 arbitrary controls +++ Masked policemen jog through child day-care centre +++ State government favours misappropriation and speculation with batons

“Attention, attention. This is the first, second and final announcement…” With these words, the head of police operations, Harry Hochuli, started the eviction of Fehrenbachallee 52. There was no willingness to negotiate, the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg had already filed a criminal complaint in the evening the occupation started. We criticize the ruthless actions of the Freiburg head of operations, also in the face of the fact that the adjacent kindergarten would have been empty an hour later. The children could easily have been spared the traumatizing appearance of a masked and helmeted riot squad. Now the spacious property was returned to its inglorious state of vacancy.

The demand for affordable living space and self-organised district centres continues to grow, and not only in the western part of the Stühlinger district. We still demand the construction of a large rest house for people with refugee experience and more than ever it is necessary to fight for anti-fascist district centres and social perspectives through direct action. We will be everywhere. “At the latest since last summer, this property has been alienated from its purpose in excellent condition, the mills of capitalist real estate exploitation are running much slower than those of repression,” says Janine Dreyer from the squatting campaign “Die WG”. “We continue to take our future into our own hands and defend ourselves against the growing state apparatus, which continues to distance itself from people’s needs.

The rumour that the property had been sold to Stadtbau was too plausible. If only it could extend the planned demolition of the Metzgergrüns to the Fehrenbachallee, and thus cut a path of devastation through a district characterised by diversity and neighbourhood, if further deals were made. But in the end it was the state that decided to end the initiative in the twinkling of an eye – the Freiburg cops ended an open space which was warmly welcomed in the neighbourhood with helmeted aggressors. Even apparently uninvolved persons who were in the street were captured, individually searched and subjected to an identification measure. The occupation of the former trade and environmental police station was a renewed encouraging experience of solidarity among us and the connectivity of our ownership criticism and intervention, especially in less noble districts. Thus, many residents who were affected by the ruthless actions of the police units were standing with us until the end. Even after yesterday’s elections, the city and the state fail to meet the challenge of the housing issue and instead focus on a divided society by expanding repressive political means. We, on the other hand, will continue to give the necessary expression to our criticism in events and actions. We call for Day X+2 on Wednesday, May 29 (see separate call) and look forward to the next occupation with you!

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