Night of rage in the streets of Bern in response to repression and eviction of Fabrikool squat

On Friday May 17 there was a demo against the eviction of Fabrikool. On May 18 there was a night of rage and resistance against the eviction and the recent wave of repression started in the Swiss capital.

May 17
On May 17 about 400 people marched through the streets of Bern loud and self-determined. It was a strong and clear sign to oppose the decision of the canton and shows that free spaces like the Fabrikool are necessary and must be fought for. During the whole demonstration we were fed with the finest food.

AGG, f*ck you! Hebeisen und Vatter: You really f*ck up!
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In the night from Saturday to Sunday we participated in the offensive actions against the police in the area around the Reitschule (riding school). We see today’s move as a necessary response to the recent repression in the Bern area. Today our anger was so big that the police had to withdraw several times. We see this as a sign of success and as an emerging motivation to continue to stand in the way of the state and the police.

We are people who show solidarity with the evicted Fabrikool. We would like to point out that the Fabrikool was fought for within the militant actions around the Effy29 eviction. The state’s fear of a new conflict ultimately led to the Fabrikool not being evicted. Today’s actions should recall the time around the Effy29 eviction. Every eviction has its price!

We place the Fabrikool eviction in the context of a repressive armament that has taken place in recent months. Thus, raids were repeatedly carried out around the riding school, people were threatened and harassed by the police, and almost political sprayers and guests of the riding school were run over by a plain police patrol. The state is also trying to strike with legal means. Thus, dozens of people are currently receiving orders of punishment for the Afrin demo that was surrounded last year. With the new police law, more repressive arrows are waiting in the quiver of the judiciary and police.

As desperate as the state tries to oppress and smash us, resistance to the recent repression manifests itself in various ways. Today it was with stones and burning barricades, for months it has been flowers on the orphanage square for the murdered K. and soon it could be new occupations.

The power and energy we have experienced today will be carried into our future struggles. At the same time such attacks need a phase of reflection and criticism. So we cannot fight for a world free of domination if on such evenings sexist expressions and actions of some are displayed and self-staging is seen as the central reason for such actions.

We greet the arrested in Indonesia.
We greet all who are currently affected by the repression of the Afrin demo.
We greet all people with whom we show solidarity far too rarely.

“Rhubarb affinity group”, May 19, 2019