Hamburg: Two occupations during #MietenMove demo against gentrification and high rents

On Saturday more than 6000 people took the streets against high rents and gentrification on a rainy day in Hamburg (German territory) [May6]. During and after the demo there were two occupations. A reportback.

The demo started in front of city hall and marched through downtown Hamburg. When the demo marched into the completely gentrified Haven-City (Harbour-City) disitrict I had to smile… People are paying huge amounts of mony to live here but can hardly sit outside on their terraces and balconies because of the smell of diesel from the cruise ships in the harbour.

When the demo arrived in Haven-City a big group went straight, while the rest of the demo marched to the Elb Philharmonie. Out of the group that went straight Sandtorkai 28a was squatted.

The occupation ended after about 45 minutes. The demo continued marching to Landungsbrücke where the official part ended.

In the evening hours a group of people squatted the 10.000m² big Soul Kitchen area in Hamburg’s Wilhelmsburg district.

Around 03:30am (May 5) the occupation ended voluntarily after more and more riot squads arrived.

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