Amsterdam: ADM update, October 14th 2018

Dear ADM newsletter receivers: at last, a newsletter from the ADM. Many of you have been following ADM news and updates through Farcebook but here is our one and only independent home made newsletter on October 12th 2018, the 21st ADM birthday. We’ve enjoyed a sensational three day Viva ADMfestival in september, but this week a historic 21 year anniversary surprise was the concert by the world famous Concertgebouworkest on the ADM, which finished with everyone singing happy birthday for the ADM.


1 ADM general update

2 Support ADM defend free spaces

3 ADM heritage goes Europe/ ADM in the Guardian

4 ADM Climate Call

5 ADM meets ZAD

6 ADM on Future Play

1 ADM GENERAL UPDATE October 7th. 2018

Another Amsterdam’ city council committee meeting FEZ (Finance & Economy) took place on October 3rd, with the ADM terrain on the agenda. To most councillors it is obvious that no shipyard will be started, which is the only activity that is legally allowed on the ADM terrain (43 ha) and the only planned activity that could formally justify an eviction. In spite of the controversy and contradictory expertise, Udo Kock, the alderman (wethouder) insisted he does not have a choice [CONTINUE READING] but to evict the ADM because of the law and verdicts of previous legal procedures. Some would think respecting the law would mean waiting until the legal fight against the permission for an asbestos removal company to start on the ADM terrain is over. There is no date set for this appeal, and our Green Left council accepts that eviction comes first and getting our right as citizens is of minor importance.

To ease the pain, the council offered individual ADMers contracts to participate in sharing a 2 ha piece of industrial wasteland beside the A10 motorway in the north of Amsterdam, for the duration of just two years. This terrain comes with many other restrictions on cultural events, very little space to work and no communal or public spaces allowed. But there is not enough room for even half the ADMrs, and where are all the ships supposed to go? Were do the ADM monumental art installations fit? Needless to say that the ADMforest, habitat for wild animals and rare species will not be relocated… The ADM is expected to abandon everything that has been developed in 21 years and pack up in a few weeks time.

ADMrs have also proposed additional and more suitable locations, but nothing concrete has come out so far or is likely to be realised before the 25th of December, the date that everyone on the ADM terrain is expected to have moved out voluntarily. To date the best practical option is to keep what is already here.

Why evict anyway for some plan that does not even fit the restrictions of the zoning plan, only to be able to get rid of the entire ADM community from the terrain? The real reason is that without the restriction on land use, or with a local authority that is not bothered to ensure that the restrictions are respected, the terrain will increase five times in value. The ONLY people that will benefit from an eviction are the Chidda’s (The heirs of Bertus Lüske), who are jumping on this chance to multiply their fortune. A fortune that was made with public money, since the council paid the family millions to give up their property in town, in order to clear the inner city of money laundering, thuggery and intimidation associated with the family business. Money that was then used to buy the ADM terrain.

The ADMrs have put in a massive effort to look for realistic alternatives for the ADM terrain, to continue to keep every option open while trying to convince the council of the value of the ADM, fitting exactly into the brand new coalition priorities. But to no avail so far. It is now up to all of us, to all of Amsterdam and to the worldwide community that is connected to the ADM to put a stop to this madness and create a better future for the ADM and the rest of Amsterdam.

2. ADM SUPPORT: an overwhelming number of people have asked us how to support the ADM:

Help us get the message out to your community: use your own media ,mailing lists and publications. Get connected and help the ADM to connect to your initiative.

Keep in mind it is not just the ADMers that will suffer from eviction, all of us risk losing a very important meeting place for Amsterdam and international free culture. If we let them take the ADM, the pressure on the next collective housing/work project or independent venue will only increase, as the value of real estate in this city booms. Look at what is happening to social housing and small businesses. In short, Amsterdam is becoming too expensive and too boring for ordinary and extraordinary people.

So, first of all: Come to the ADEV street parade on Saturday October 20 and dress up, bring banners, painted umbrella’s, good spirits, and make our BIG presence felt. The theme of this year’s parade is Save ADM and Save Free Spaces.

Soon after ADEV there will be a meeting of grass-roots organisations and free space defenders from around town to discuss how to best defend ADM and our shared interests.

The ADM support group meets a few times a week and has a long to do list: we need help with writing and translating updates and stories, designing art work, gathering radiocontent, cooking, decormaking for ADEV, banner fixing, distributing, postersticking around town etc. etc. etc. get in touch with the ADM support group: media [at] adm [dot] amsterdam

– We re designing new ADM posters and stickers but send us your own designs too. Or just go ahead and print and distribute them. Posters for the ADEV can be picked up at Fort van Sjakoo

– Make a banner and hang it on your building or on other strategic sites. Examples: [webpage] Or come and help our banner team

– We are planning a big market this autumn and will need event volunteers.

– We are planning several other street protest actions, but cannot be too specific yet, check our website for latest. Please do not hesitate to organise your own solidarity action.

– ADM will open a ‘pop up consulate’ in town.

– and if none of the above appeals to you then send us your money!



With the help of Electra Leda Koutra, our Greek human rights lawyer and ADM supporter, we are starting up a court case at The Human Rights Court in Strasbourg, since the Dutch court failed in safeguarding the rights of the peoples that are living at ADM. The case is focussed on :
– the right to live in the way people have chosen to.
– the right of preserving the cultural and artistic heritage of the ADM
A 21 year old established living culture and community like the ADM is entitled to protection under European Human Rights law. These cases take an average 5 years, so the lawyer will apply for a ‘temporary measure’, in order to postpone the eviction date of December 25th. 2018
The ADM has applied to the Centre for Immaterial Heritage of the Netherlands to obtain official recognition, and visited their meeting last week to talk about the application in progress.

ADM in the Guardian


This summer we made a climate call to the Amsterdam council to protect the ADM forest and wildlife. The call was endorsed by environmental organisations such as URGENDA, Dwars (the Green Left Youth organisation), ASEED etc. If your organisation wants to co-sign the call, drop us a line media [at] adm [dot] amsterdam. READ the CLIMATE CALL:

Local political party Bij1 fully endorses the call, but the rest of the councillors kept quiet so far. We followed up this week with a reminder, after the latest UN report climate alarm. On October 8 Urgenda won a major court victory against the Dutch state, which is now legally obliged to cut greenhouse gas emissions according to international agreements. Interestingly the only fast way to cut national carbon emmissions is by shutting down the huge old Hemweg coal power plant opposite the ADM. This adds a major new dimension and perspective to the port/industrial zone around the ADM.

5 ADM MEETS ZAD in Paradiso: On Wednesday October 10 an ADM participated in a public event with members of ZAD (Zone A Defendre) in France. ZAD is a large occupied area, where the farmers and other occupants won a long battle to stop the development of an airport in a beautiful rural area close to Nantes, in spite of all the odds. They effectively resisted eviction and have built up nationwide support by continuing to share their message of sustainable farming and living on commonland. They shared their experience of unity in diversity and inclusion of every type of activism, from lobbywork to blockades by 30.000 supporters. A very inspiring evening for all present.

6 ADM at Future Play: On the 30th birthday of the Nieuw & Meer collective in the South of Amsterdam a new map was presented of the Culturele Stelling van Amsterdam, a string of independant cultural centres and collectives – most of which started as big squat centres – and includes the ADM. The presentation was followed by talks about what kind of future lies ahead for independent culture, how to organise community and how to reinforce strong networks and communities when squatting has become criminalised.


A dedicated ADM lobby group has devoted itself to influencing local politicians. Although the previous council missed every chance to prevent the current situation with the ADM terrain, new expectations arose after the Green Left won the local elections this year: Amsterdam now has a Green Left council majority and a Green Left Mayor. In a final bid to convince the councillors of what this city stands to lose if the ADM is lost, ADMers have compiled dozens and dozens of statements and presented them in beautifully crafted treasure boxes for each aldermaster and the mayor. Up till now the ADM received not a single response to the theatrical presentation and impressive content. Link naar introbrief TB place on website.

The city council could buy back the ADMproperty back [continue], and the city of Amsterdam could cash the increased value of the land in stead of a private company. Why not decide to keep the ADM terrain with the priceless treasure of the ADM community in place – or at least keep it there until a comparable location is realised. Leftwing councillors are asking for an economic survey into this option, which the economics aldermaster Udo Kok refuses to produce – but he could be pushed to do this by a council vote. At the same time the Alderman tried to wipe out the agreement made in 2017 stating that Mayor and Aldermen cannot take any steps related to ADM that would be irreverible without first consulting the entire council. This attempt was blocked by council members.

The ADM will speak on the meeting of the council Committee of Culture on October 17th covering Art, Diversity and Improved Democracy as outlined by the Green Left Party intentions. There will be two more council committee meetings where the ADM will be discussed: Oct 18 and Nov 1st, with ADM speakers. Two more council meetings are planned before the 25 of December, on November 7 and 8. Let’s get the ADM message to the new council out loud and clear now:



Every sunday: food + music in the ADM Bar + ADMradio Papillon broadcast

Every Tuesday: ADM support group meet up: mail for details

October 20th : ADEV street parade, Amsterdam in defence of ADM and Free Spaces

End of October: Free Zone grassroots organisations meeting

December 4th: public debate Free Experimental Zones – Pakhuis de Zwijger organised by ADM, 15h00. with experts, politicians, scientists on regelluwe zones, artists, architects etc.

21 December and onwards: Christmas market

December 31st: New Years Eve party

Hornweg 6, 1045AR, Amsterdam, The Netherlands