Amsterdam: ADM, an update on the actual situation

Upcoming fall, the largest cultural free-haven in The Netherlands, ADM, will be 21 years old. Since its beginning in 1997 ADM has been under constant pressure to a greater or lesser extent.

Especially in recent years we are involved in multiple legal procedures and we’ve put constant strain on the municipality of Amsterdam to purchase the site to prevent a financial loss of hundreds of millions euros. Unfortunately the fate of ADM depends primarily on the outcome of these legal- and political processes and not on the grand cultural heritage which ADM is giving to the city and the world.

After vigorous appeal three major legal cases have been lost by ADM in the last weeks. Mainly because in these lawsuits only a limited part of the entire case is dealt with, without giving proper attention to the overall perspective. This means that on legal grounds ADM can be evicted straight after the December 24th.

The ADM residents consider to start a new appeal in a case against Amsterdam, where ADM claims that Amsterdam must enforce the perpetual clause in the original purchase contract and thus prevents the public- and social interests of Amsterdam from being seriously damaged.

The ADM was bought by Chidda in 1997 with the proviso that Amsterdam always has the first right of repurchase and that only an authentic shipyard can be established on the 42-hectare terrain.

Chidda intends to give way to Koole Maritiem LLC, an asbestos contractor and demolisher, which has nothing to do with a shipyard !

If the municipality of Amsterdam approves Chidda’s plans, the destination restriction will effectively be removed and the ADM will increase more than 5 times in value.

Chidda is only interested in this profit and wants to cash, which means that around €100 million in community capital belonging to the municipality will go to this real estate entrepreneur.

The current attitude of the Council of Amsterdam is more in favor of the financial interests of a private party than for the public interest !

The consequences, both for the ADM and for the city of Amsterdam, are dire.

All this won’t stop the ADM residents from incessantly initiating actions and having talks with the council in order to change this unweighted current political track.

Why not press the pause button and investigate what Amsterdam loses when it turns its back on ADM and, until then, cherishes our cultural free haven?

We need your support to prove that cultural free spaces are vital for a diverse and open city.

We do not want to be chased, we want to be appreciated for our culture!

Contact us if you have good ideas or if you want to give a hand.

Beware: Holland’s most innovative- and experimental cultural festival is coming up in the 4th weekend of september !

ADM becomes 21 and changes into a mature and powerful adult !

Hornweg 6, 1045AR, Amsterdam, The Netherlands