London: Solidarity space

Since temperatures are so low and homelessness is still a big issue, some people came to an idea of opening a safe space shelter available to everyone! [Squatted March1, still there March6]

So the building is at 204 Great Portland Street, entrance from 56 Bolsover Road (Sophia House). At the moment there’s some issues with electricity, however there is possibility to brew hot drinks and despite lack of heating at the moment it is still warmer & dryer than out on the street

So if you know or see any people sleeping rough or struggling with this chill: feel free to spread the word & address.

If the place will get attention of few people in need & we will deal with the electricity problems there may be some screenings & hot food servings in upcoming days.

Any donations of heaters/sleeping bags/duvets warmly welcome. Same applies to anyone who would like to volunteer some of their time for couple of shifts in here if it would come as necessary.

Spread the word & share the post if you feel like.

sofiasolidaritycentre [at] gmail [dot] com