Biel (Switzerland): Reclaim The Streets against gentrification! Bahnhöfli stays!

The last squatted house in Biel, Wahnhof, is in danger of eviction! The property-management-department wants to kick out the squatters before the end of the year, to break down the house without any upcoming construction-projects. so it will be an empty place for many years again…
In the meanwhile we got a visit by the Director of public trade inspectorate. He told us that “Bahnhöfli” can stay for now. How long he couldn’t or didn’t want to say. We are supposed to get it written down.
This doesn’t change much so far. Gentrification is still going on in Biel and everywhere.
Therefore we RECLAIM THE STREETS against gentrification and the destruction of autonomous spaces.
Come all and support the struggle for more alternative spaces.

Saturday 25 november 2017
15:30 at Guisanplatz in Biel/Bienne

Bring banners, instruments, trailers, bikes, skateboards. Be creative!
Defend autonomous spaces!
For more squats and trailer parks!

Wahnhof is in danger of eviction. Come around and support the project! Watch out for flyers and upcoming events. The struggle for autonomous spaces continues.

Wahnhof is all about DIY. We squatted the house on 1st of august 2016, since then we have few functional workshops, for wood, metal, bicycles, screen-print, etc. There is a concert venue and a practice space as well, a freeshop of course and even a library in the garden….
Come check it out and get active!!!!

Poststrasse 37
2504 Biel

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