Amsterdam: ADM’s XX Birthday Festival

ADM celebrates her porcelain jubilee!
Take a gentri-vacation on the ADM reservation

The squatted cultural freespace ADM exists 20 years in October. And that will be celebrated at the 12th, 13th and 14th of October 2017. Three days full of spectacle you do not want to miss. Artists, performers and visitors from all over the world will come to ADM this weekend to celebrate that there is still a place where unnecessary regulations do not exist, the hands of the clock are not breathing in your neck and where non-conformers walk freely.

For three years, ADM’s continued existence is under pressure, there are countless lawsuits and a lot of media attention. In early August, the court decided that the municipality of Amsterdam has to enforce the areal planning, with the result that ADM should be evicted. If this actually is going to happen is the big question, the municipality must still determine whether the so-called owner is allowed to execute the building plans. All in all, this does not change the ideals, life-lust and cultural expression of the ADMrs or the celebration of ADM’s birthday festival!

The porcelain jubilee is celebrated with: three music stages, on which (among others) Latwal (dubelectropunk, FR), Spanner (Skapunk, GB), Amsterdam Faya Allstars (Skareggae, AMS), ZZz (Organelectro, AMS), the Giletjes (rock’n girlz, AMS), Trikosis (anarchofolk, NL), de Stokers (acoustic balkan, NL), Zibabu (spacepunk, ADM), the Beatzers (pirateskank, ADM) will play.

An experimental circus- and theater program: Twisted Fairground (GB), les Humains Gauches (FR), ZaZi (NL), Feminist Mouse Circus (GB) et al.
Fire Spectacle: Compagnie Doedel (BE). Children’s paradise: OCCII kinderpret.
And the Symposium of free cultural spaces about de-gentrification with international speakers.

Plus: Suwanne’s Clit-Club, RoboGallery, reggaedub- hiphop field, skating ramp and much more.

Take a day off from gentrification and visit the lungs of westpoort, the cultural tickler of Amsterdam; an adventure for everyone from the age of 0!
Let yourself be surprised and cherish the madness.

Up to the silver anniversary!

More information can be found at:

Opening hours:

Thursday 12 October 20.00 – 01.00 Friday 13 October 17.00 – 04.00 Saturday 14 October 13.00 – 05.00

Please note: no cash machine, cash only. Shuttle bus is driving during the opening hours of the festival from Piarcoplein (Station Sloterdijk). No camping and no dogs!

The ADM festival is an unsubsidized and non-profit festival. All employees and artists work on a voluntary basis. Any winnings are used in the battle for the continued existence of ADM.

ADM – the current situation in a Nutshell (September 29, 2017)

In 1997, Chidda Vastgoed BV bought the 42 hectare big ADM terrain and in the same year the terrain got occupied by over 125 people. Until 2014, Chidda could and did nothing with the terrain and in the meanwhile the residents became a close working-living community who use the place for experiment and cultural appeal of Amsterdam.

The last three years are characterized by a multitude of complex legal procedures where Chidda tries to evict the site in order to milk it out afterwards. In these procedures ADM residents constantly make clear that Chidda has no proper development plan nor one that fits within the limiting restrictions of the buying contract. Those restrictions, once introduced by the municipality of Amsterdam, exclude speculation.

According to ADM, Chidda’s only focus is to remove the restrictions which would cause the value of the terrain to increase at least five times, so Chidda can collect lucratively.

It is the responsibility of the municipality to maintain the destination restriction (shipyard). Only then the municipality can repurchase the land for a fair price and by doing so serve the public interest.
Currently, the municipality seems to approve Chidda’s plans and thereby is threathened to not only losing control of the site, but also look upon a loss of hundreds millions of euros. Chidda then gains the added value of 80 million euros, as a gift from the municipality!

At the end of July, the ADM, with a majority of the city council, succeeded in demanding an independent research to clarify if the municipality should reject the current plans for development.
If this happens, the municipality can develop a future strategy themselves and in the meanwhile, cherish the freespace ADM.

ADM opposes the speculation with the ADM land, against the improper enrichment of a dishonest property entrepreneur and also against municipal negligence.

ADM fights for preservation of freespaces in Amsterdam and the rest of the world.

Hornweg 6,
Amsterdam, 1045 AR
The Netherlands