Solidarity statement from Rosa de Foc Squat in Athens, Greece, to anti-airport struggle ZAD in France

As an international housing squat we think solidarity is our weapon, and as we all know weapons have categories, from handguns to nuclear bombs. Revolutionary solidarity doesn’t have boundaries and can only benefit the struggle. We are already starting to try our theories in practice about this.

International solidarity means bringing and taking ideas from one place to another, placing priorities and supporting the place that needs our help the most. Help is not only texts, supplies and solidarity demonstrations in our territory, but also our physical presence there. Working with the people, learning their language and their culture. Basic ingredients if we want to be effective and helpful, because every battle ground is different.

To become more specific we will now bring up the example of ZAD in France, a community that repels the cops for five years and manage their self-defence. They construct their own houses from scratch, and an alternative independent economy.
They develop their community based on anti-authoritarian and libertarian principles.

The state of France still wants to destroy the forest and build an airport, and gave a deadline for November. This is the right time for us to go and participate in a struggle worth our effort.

We are breaking the borders and making the revolutionary movement one and global. We’re expanding our borders, building theconfederation.

We salute the comrades from ZAD and from all the territories inside the French State, and we accept the honor and responsibility to have this crucial fight side by side with them. We will respond to any kind of attack from the State, and we will consider it as an attack on ourselves.

This is a statement and a greeting from ROSA DE FOC and the movement. Let’s make all the little sparks into one big and dangerous fire.

If they touch one, they touch us all.

Rosa De Foc

[325 – Posted on Friday, July 21st, 2017.]