Athens: Solidarity statement from the squat Rosa de Foc to XM24 squat

As international collective, self-organized and based on anarchist and anti-authoritarian principles we believe that the international solidarity represents the strongest weapon that the movement has. We are all aware that this weapon can be used at different levels, from words to direct actions.

As living squat and self-educational center Rosa de Foc of Exarchia, we believe that is essential to express our solidarity to all the squats and battlegrounds that are under attack from state apparatus of repression. Especially, for affinity in ideas and practices, we want to assert our vicinity to the squat XM24 of Bologna. A squat that resists to the power’s oppression for 15 years, in constant struggle to create a concrete alternative to the dominant lifestyle that repress and humiliate an increasing number of individuals. We feel close to XM24, a place where, thanks to the many collectives acting inside it, during the years it were built a big number of projects, alive and active, which have made a shelter against the gentrification and the monetization of our neighborhoods. At the same time it isn’t just a provider of ‘alternative services’ but it has maintained alive his fighting and rebel soul that doesn’t surrender to the current situation.

Our squat aims to combine the goal of the construction of a self-educational center, open to the sharing of every kind of knowledge and capabilities, with the insurrectionist practices and the concrete opposition to every form of repression and authoritarianism.

We believe that our comrades of XM24 deserve solidarity indirectly but also with our physical presence, we aim to contribute as much as we can to help the resistance to every attempt from the power to repress this place.

We strongly believe that the construction of international solidarity networks, based not just on web, but mostly on the effective physical presence in every place under state attack, is fundamental for the empowerment of the movement. In fact we think that the knowledge and the understanding of the different practices and cultures that go through the movements in the different countries, can be the best way to create an effective international solidarity and a better comprehension of the resistant environments that fighting all over the world.

Greetings from Rosa de Foc to the comrades of XM24.


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