Slovenia: Koper needs UPInde

20170607_Indeplatforma_KoperAfter the official handover on the 6th of June the new owner, Valter Krmac, wasted little time as his workers began the construction works which hinder the access to the spaces used by UPI.
Valter Krmac, the new part owner of the Inde complex is CEO of KMK Box and the head of the Oljka political party – the party of the Slovenian Istria. The same party states the following in its manifesto: »Oljka strives to transform politics up the point when us citizens and countrymen who have the willingness to actively shape our surroundings will no longer be neglected and limited by the politicians elected by our very own votes«. The same man now claims that UPInde »does not exist« and that it is »just a bunch of people who have claimed the right to run rampant in the abandoned buildings«.
What does UPInde do if not actively shape its surroundings? And what does Krmac do but neglect the citizens and countrymen with his ignorance and arrogance?
He bought the building knowing that it is used by people who work selflessly on different levels to benefit the local community thus making it INADMISSIBLE for him to act as if UPI does not exist! Let us not forget over 450 artistic, socially motivated, educational, musical and sports events in the span of two years.
U.P. INDE and similar projects across the globe are proof that our everyday lives can be lived differently from what various authorities might dictate. We strive to substitute competition with reciprocity, jealousy with understanding, neo-liberal capitalist exploitation with self-organization and alienation by building communities. We have accomplished a lot but there is more for us to try. We would dare to venture further If only we did not have to deal with the annoying forces of capital such as DUTB and the current owner of the complex. Despite knowing the precarious nature of our spatial existence we keep building and working as if we will be staying here for many years. We have compiled a report on our past work which will be made available on our web site. The report serves as a documented trail to follow for those who will try similar ventures in the future, a trail of continuity in making cracks in the established order.
U.P. Inde is in no way a formalised community – event organisation and joint decision making are based on the individual’s responsibility and her personal effort. Every effort, physical or otherwise is compensated with the only form of capital recognised by this community – symbolic capital. Each event requires people that prepare the venue, take care of the technical part, prepare food for the staff and the artists, greet visitors at the entrance, supply water (drinking water needs to be delivered daily) and fuel (electricity is supplied by a generator) and let us not forget the people who take care of the PR, the people who keep the hall warm in winter etc. After looking at the sheer number of events that took place in Inde in the past it is obvious that a great amount of energy was expended and that we most certainly exist. Inde attracts a great deal of visitors which makes it important for the entire region, a region that should not cater to personal goals of a single CEO.
Since the dissolution of the company Inde in 2004 the factory grounds began decaying which affected the nearby surroundings. The former owners and managers did little in the way of maintenance. A decade of degradation was partially interrupted by the arrival of individuals who came to be known as UPInde. Afterwards the factory grounds came to be property of DUTB or »bad bank« which did little to change the overall condition of the buildings. After several unsuccessful attempts to sell the factory DUTB decided to clear the grounds of hazardous materials which was the first step in the right direction. The cleaning works were applauded and supported by UPInde until finding out that the contractors did not ensure proper safety for the workers. We want to point out that all these years the factory was decaying with the responsible people turning a blind eye and that we, people from all sorts of backgrounds, cleaned, furnished, secured and maintained a part of the grounds without any external financial support.
After hearing of the sale of the factory and given all our efforts we wished for a clear and constructive dialogue with the new owners. Sadly it turns out that instead we have to deal with false promises and denial of deeds accomplished. While first visiting the property the new owners did approach individual UPI supporters and claimed to recognize the value of such a venue for the local community. This was backed up by their promises of cooperation and spatial alternatives but judging by their recent statements any such promises are now void. We do not rescind the invitation to one of our assemblies, we still wish for a dialogue with the new owners.

We appeal to everyone that recognize and feel that U.P. Inde is more than a glitch in the system, but a crack in our fundamentally unjust society that needs to be defended with all our collective might!

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