Berlin: Second night of anti-state violence in Friedrichshain

20170528_Friedrichshain_BerlinThis Saturday night, May 28, after a film screening, activists started digging a ditch across Liebig Street in Friedrichshain. The goal was to stop police cars and other undesirable traffic on this road, which builds the Dorfplatz at the crossing with Rigaer Street.

The ditch was the pretext for two Riot Police vans to take position on the spot. After a while, they suddenly attacked some neighbours, sitting in front of a house. In the same moment, more two units rushed in the street and tried an assault on houseprojekt Rigaer94. Crazy pigs started beating everybody they could grab. But very fast, neighbours and chaoten began throwing stones against officers.

Three more Riot Police vans arrived with high speed, but they could not handle on the small road. Stones were coming from everywhere, some pigs were neither able to leave their car nor were others to find a safe space on the street. This lead to a panic of this unit, their commanding van was damaged and escaped. Some vans tried to flee without their crew, others tried to carry away the arrested five people. In the end the helicopter arrived again and 65 cops had to leave the scene. This riot occurred under the eyes of a MP from the Green Party whose daily walks in this street are tolerated because of some „democratic“ humour within the anarchist space.

Day after, the excitement in media is mad. The CDU chief is asking via newspaper and fb the police to smoke out the residents of some houses. There are different reasons why residents in this neighbourhood show their rage angainst cops, for sure the gentrification and high police presence make people resisting. The new leftist-socialdemocrat regime of Berlin is going different ways than former government. This might be more dangerous because they try to integrate in cases their predecessor Home Secretary used harder methods. The last days proved, that in this area of Friedrichshain people gather, who know that every government is a murder and rapist and the pigs have not many friends.

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