Germany: Friedel54 Action Week!

Cop-green & Pinehill-grey in the disposer! We want more Friedel-green at every corner! Quite often one question is brought to us, “what do we want”?

We don’t want to be evicted. We want to stay.
We want to keep our non-commercial space and go on with the work we’ve been doing in the district since 13 years.
Is it utopist? Maybe… but we’ll continue to fight for it relentlessly.
We don’t want to let the Pinehill S.a.r.l. make profit in Neukölln or elsewhere without any resistance – even less with the ground floor of the Friedelstrasse 54. We don’t want their flawless image to cover up what they really are: displacers, existences destroyers, spoilsports.

We want to unveil the owners.
We neither want the Friedel54’s space to be re-let nor the space next door (already re-leased), because our former neighbour also got displaced.
We haven’t forgotten and our building management and owners (the former like the recent ones) shouldn’t get allowed to forget about it either.

We want to remind them of our rage.
We don’t want the district to change in a way that the residents neither need nor want. We want to back up and support people in their struggle against increasing rents and displacement.

We want you to help us make at least some of those wishes become reality.
You decide on how. We are thankful for every action!
And even in the case of an eviction, there has to be something that stays…
We want to create structures to help and reinforce neighbours in defending themselves. We want that ubiquitous talk about increasing rents to finally evolve into actions. We want more houses to aim for self-organization. Because a self managed tenants community wouldn’t kick their neighbours out nor build expensive unnecessary things. We want nothing less than a generalized access to a good that shouldn’t be merchandise. By good we mean living spaces.

There won’t be any peace without Friedel54!
Dance the wreckage tango with us on April 22nd and keep the rhythm onto the following weeks!

Show your support and be cre-active! Make this topic be a real matter, not only around a beer in your favorite bar, but at your front door, in the street, in the web and everywhere where the actors*actresses of the gentrification process can been shown which part they are taking to the destruction of people’s lifes and social places.

Friedel stays! We all stay!