Maastricht: Landbouwbelang 15 Years Cultural freezone

Throughout the years, the Landbouwbelang has been an experience for many people. A diverse group of artists, designers, producers, organisers, performers, artisans, students and many others made it their social place, their workspace and even their home.
Trough their ideas, ideals, creations, constructions and energy they created the Landbouwbelang in its current form. By organising, creating and sharing experiences together a big community has formed itself around this place. In April 2017 the Landbouwbelang will celebrate it´s 15th birthday.

Thursday 6 April
Superhero Status + Break Of Day (punk)
20.30-23.59 at Keldertje

Friday 7 April
Foodbank Maastricht & 15 Years of Positive Propaganda;
21:00 – 02:30
entrance doc side, donation based


Thursday 13 April
Bear Makes Ninja + A Pig Called Eggs (Math/Rock)
Keldertje 20.30-23.59

Friday 14 April
Music from David Marx at
Foodbank Maastricht & Expo “Order vs Chaos”
entrance garden side, donation based

Friday 14th till Sunday 23th of April 19.30-21.00
Expo Order vs Chaos
“Order vs Chaos” will bring a broad mix of art pieces of 27 Artist; From the Netherlands, Belgium, Chile and Russia. Scrap metal installations, paintings, glassworks, wax, surrealistische assemblages and more wil be presented by beginners and the established.

Saturday 15 April
Opening Order vs Chaos;
Silent film with live music,
Violin experimental punk, Martial Arts, Betonfraktion and more!
entrance garden side, donation based 19:30 – 23:00
Thursday 20 April
Fabian + Malstatt + Hollywoodfun Downstairs
(Ambivalente Popmusik, Modern Jazz/Stoner Rock/Doom Metal, Noise Punk)
20.30-23.59 Keldertje

Friday 21 April
Music from Elephants on Tape
at Foodbank Maastricht
& Expo “Order vs Chaos”
entrance garden side, donation based 19:30 – 23:00

Saturday 22 April
Finissage Order vs Chaos
with Hax “Acoustic & electric mashup”;
Violin, JUNO-6 synth, Soprano, Accordeon, Darbuka, Acrobatics, Visuals.
And “In Between”; Electronic ambient with guitars,
analog instruments and field recordings.
entrance garden side, donation based 19:30 – 23:00

Thursday 27 April

Friday 28 April
Music from Sweet Billie at Foodbank Maastricht
entrance garden side, donation based

Saturday 29 April
Le Cirque du Platzak
18:30 – 20:00
and after party 21:00 – 02:30

Ollie Q & the Deep Six Trikosis
an exotic blend of ska, jazz, calypso, latin, soul and rocksteady

Zibabu is a band of three lunatic-(several sexed) alien- cleaning ladies from planet Z3. Here to dust, vacuum, and polish the grey area between your ears! And knee slappin anarcho blue-trash from the BucketBoyz.

DJ’s Hapu & Soj
The Balkan Dj Team from the south of the Netherlands. The music is a touching mix between Gypsy, Balkan, Russen hits and other groovy sounds of the world.

Every Thursday Doorgeefwinkel 11.00-16.00 Dockside

Every Teusday Maastricht Goes Vegan 19.00