Calais (France): Homes on trial

On September 28, eight friends will have an appeal trial for charges related to the last squat attempted in Calais. Aquitted by a previous court ruling, largely due to police abuse and police not even following procedures. Now the state representatives have filed an appeal (to contest what?!).

If you think of the judicial system as a good measure of “right” and “wrong,” it is Natacha Bouchart (Calais’ mayor) and Philippe Mignonet (deputy mayor) who should be on trial. They have executed massive and numerous evictions in Calais – making thousands of people homeless, using force to traumatize people, damaging people for years.

Evictions are slated to happen in Calais again. People are being and will be forced into “welcome” centers made by the government–people who do not wish to risk the deportations happening from those centers will not go there, but instead be forced onto the streets. People who wish to stay in Calais (to try to go to the UK, to stay near friends) will be made homeless.

The right to dignified homes is not respected by the government – it should be available to all.

The trail is scheduled to be at the Court of Appeals in Douai, Wednesday September 28 at 14:00. Show solidarity with your friends on trial. Support your local squats and open more homes!

[From Calais Migrant Solidarity, Sept. 27th, 2016.]