Gouda (NL): Update on arrests

On Saturday September 17 Hotel Mirage, Westhaven 49 was squatted in Gouda and immediately evicted. (see press release in Dutch).

On Tuesday September 20, the five detainees still held (four anonymous) came before the magistrate. One was remanded, the other four (all still anonymous) were released.

The one remaining person has been previously convicted for squatting, so the prosecutor asked for remand because of risk of reoffence. The magistrate agreed.

The trial (also for the anonymous peeps) is Wednesday, September 28 at 13:55 at the Palace of Justice in The Hague.

We ask EVERYONE to come to the hearing! Please note the meeting starts at 13:55, so make sure you get there a little bit earlier.

Letters to the remanded person can be sent to:

Autonoom Centrum
Harstenhoekweg 6
2587 SL
Den Haag

All post will be delivered.

And for the rest, be creative!

The person sits in Hoogvliet prison, Rotterdam.