Kaunas (Lithuania): Kauno Spiauda issue 4 “On Space”

Dear reader,

This is our first issue in English!

We chose a topic about spaces: there’s been a squat in Kaunas, Lower Šančiai have been filled with expensive stores for rich newcomers, the station district is getting another shopping mall which will push the poor out of the city centre. EU is trying to close its borders to immigrants who remind us of current and past “greatness” of colonialism and disciplined space. People move towards the centre- the centre tries to stop them by putting up barbed fences, enhancing the budget of the “Frontex” corporation which deals with border security, and creating refugee concentration camps in Europe’s periphery and around.

As the first article explains, all space is political, witnesses politics, materializes and changes it. And then practices – we have mostly interviews with squatters from different countries and here about alternatives dear to us, also texts on Šilainiai, Brazilkė, Vilkyškis and collective space. And of course, announcements and trivia at the end.

Gyvanimas per brangi!

February 2016 | KS editorial staff (kaunospiauda@@@riseup.net)

[PDF / Kauno Spiauda issue 4: On Space]

This issue is dedicated to the “Klinika” social centre in Prague, which has been squatted for a year already. To the memory of Poznan squat “Od:zysk” which, when faced with the threat of eviction, has been exchanged for 300’000 zlotys without full consensus of its creators. To the DEATH tag (symbolic value grows with time) and its creators. To the squat that existed in Kaunas – the “Green House” social centre. Also to everyone who fights for living where and how they want.