Notre-Dame-Des-Landes to Calais: Call-out for decentralised actions against the Socialist Party

The weekend of 26th to 27th March, a call-out for decentralised actions against the Socialist Party was launched by the anti-airport movement.

Come to Calais, it’s possible to link these struggles. It’s why we invite you to reach Calais from Friday 25th March. There is no housing infrastructure, come with your own plan for sleeping, duvets, tents, supplies, etc… Be as autonomous as possible. There are some not too expensive restaurants in the jungle, put in place by refugees. Camp water isn’t drinkable. Bring what you need. It’s possible to reach the town centre by bus. If needed, an on-site telephone number : and the legal number

The government is everywhere: call for decentralised actions and to participate in the campaign for the release of information on the CAO’s (Reception and Orientation Centres). We also call for everyone else to organise decentralised actions and to mark their solidarity with refugees with banners or all other forms of communication in decentralised actions against the construction of the Notre-Dame-Des-Landes airport and to other moments. A call-out was also diffused to create a network on the hundred or so CAO’s disseminated on French territory to “to allow 1) to share skills from one to another and 2) to oppose a common resistance in the cases of illegible status or returning people currently housed to the street.”

Extract from: From Notre-Dame-Des-Landes to Calais: Callout to struggle against the violent and destructive politic led by the state towards those who it considers undesirables, published March 21st

Translated by Squat!net via Contra Info