Amsterdam: House re-squatted by Sociale Huur Tugela action group

On Sunday 22 November a building on the Tugelaweg 18A has been re-squatted out of discontent with the current housing policy in Amsterdam. The policy that is being fought is not a recent one. The breaking down of social housing has been going on for years. The privatizing of social housing companies, which have to handle their own finances since the 90s, has created a situation in which affordable housing is considered unprofitable both by the social housing companies and politicians. Social housing companies, whose goal is housing people, are for this reason rejecting social housing instead. Local politics see this happening but do not act. Because of this the situation on the housing market is becoming unsustainable; rents rise and waiting lists become longer and longer. Exactly those people for whom social housing is intended are getting problems because of this.

The Tugela blocks are a primary example of this. Here, over 50% of social housing disappears. Two blocks have already been renovated, and have been replaced by free sector renting or they have been sold. The remaining blocks will partially return as social renting, however, because of raised prices the current inhabitants will be unable to return. We demand that the social housing in the remaining Tugela blocks is preserved without the mentioned raising of prices.

In the transvaal neighborhood there was already a campaign against the neoliberal housing policy. Through a round of speed evictions on friday the 13th of November, an attempt was made to smother this resistance in the cradle. The eviction, which took place after a month and a half, has no juridical basis and must be seen as a political action. With this the police shows itself, once again, her repressive character as the baton of the housing companies and the state.

However, we will not be stopped by state repression. The champagne against the neoliberal housing policy continues. We will not leave voluntarily, unless Ymere guarantees us and the residents of this neighborhood that the social renting in the remaining Tugela blocks will be maintained without a raising of prices.

A turn will come in the privatizing of the housing market, where inhabitants and renters will come first. Everyone has the right to affordable living space and right to city! In order to prevent the breaking down of social housing we will, if necessary, defend ourselves against the neoliberal policies of Ymere, the politics and the defender of the status quo; the police force.

An eye for an eye, a house for a house.
Stop the breaking down of social housing