Morocco: Brutal ‘Fortress Europe’ evictions, people flee to Forest Camps

The EU and Spain pay Morocco and other countries 
to persecute migrants en route and to let them dump unwanted and undocumented migrants there.Desperate immigrants from war torn countries that for decades have been ‘debt cows’, milked for abusive debts by the IMF and western banks are terribly persecuted. Just enough are let close to Europe’s borders so they can bargain for more ‘aid’.

migrants in Boukalef carry a dead friend after the illegal evictions

 Moroccan Mafia Police do Spain’s and the EU’s dirty Work

There was a mass eviction operation that was discriminatory against non-national blacks at Tangier-Boukhalef. During the course of the operation conducted by the Moroccoan authorities one migrant from Cameroon was killed and the other one was injured.

The Moroccan authorizes gave the sub-Saharan foreigners who occupied apartments an ultimatum of 24 hour to evacuate the premises. The Moroccan force started the eviction operation on June 30 at 18h; many sub-Saharan migrants were forced into buses and relocated to different cities including Rabat and Taroudant.

Two sub-Saharans were hospitalized: one died and the other suffered injuries. During the operation the migrant that lost his life ‘fell’ from his apartment building, it was in the same circumstance and way that Moussa Seck in October of 2013, also Cedric Bete in December of 2014 was stabbed to death by a Moroccan.

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