London: Waiting For Eviction And Them Dirty Bailiffs

We may not have otherwise have said – but up until now that is – for the last 8 or so weeks we have been occupying (squatting) 2 commercial properties in the two adjoining North London Boroughs of first Islington and at this time of writing Camden.

The crew moved from Central London following a number of evictions, 41 to be precise, some high profile and others not so.

Possibly, in the fullness of time and indeed with time permitting it may be an idea to recall some of our many experiences, as the sharing of information with others is so important in the modern class struggle, but without compromising our own and others security.

We Fought The Property Developers

We have fought the property developer whilst pressure on social and council housing and its tenants and rampant gentrification march on with the help of the developers many powerful friends, we have fought on for all of seven long months, which if anything seems like an eternity for many a comrade – the court hearings, nothing more than a farce and always a forgone conclusion in favour of the owner/developer – nothing new there then – but still we must fight on each and every front, as you never know?

Now in Camden – Kentish Town To Be Precise.

On Thursday last, we were yet again ordered to vacate our current and latest home by and in the High Court (Her Majesty’s High Court of Justice in England) following a well presented defence of the occupation, in fact our case was executed and prepared with such precision by our on the spot lay-lawyer, who is exact and accurate – one big thank-you to that comrade.

To The Barricades

During the last few days, we have been erecting in earnest and putting in place ‘the barricades’, so here is another big shout-out of gratitude to another comrade in particular, who has constructed with the help of other crew members the fortifications.

As you can imagine with a little apprehension and with trepidation we anticipate the morning the bailiffs come smashing their way into our home.


It would be remiss not to add that in the past members of our crew have been on the receiving end of uncalled for violence and sustained injures from the baffles, whilst the police have been in attendance, standing by and doing just nothing.

So there we are – waiting digging in and standing on the front line almost a week after the court directive, we will update comrades as soon as there are any new developments.

The Former Pizza Express in Kentish Town our Home

Squatter and Homeless Autonomy (SHA)