397,954 Evictions: Anti Eviction Movement Demands Spanish Govt Quit

The PAH requires the government to resign en bloc 

By Platform  of those Affected by Mortgages   PAH

Once again, data from the General Council of the Judiciary  show the stark reality: that of the thousands of families subjected to the suffering of the implementation process and mortgage evictions and rent.


..”Carmen and her kids were evicted this morning, I was arrested with 13 others for trying to stop it.. her case is that of thousands of people: a sad daily reality in our society..”

 Data from the first quarter of 2015 confirm the trend of the last seven years,  that do not stop evictions  which increase quarter over quarter and confirms the trend that are now more evictions for rent than mortgage. In Spain, despite the opacity and the precariousness of the available data, there have been more than 397 954 evictions since the ”crisis” began in 2008.

These data have clear policy makers. Government inaction of the PP Mariano Rajoy and policies meant to serve the interests of financial institutions. Thus, in the first quarter of 2015 accumulated 19,261 evictions. This means that in the first three months of 2015 every day 214 families have been evicted. Of these, 51% are families who could not afford to pay the rent and 42% are families evicted after undergoing the tortuous process of foreclosure.

Evictions by mortgage, compared to the same quarter last year, increased by 6%. The only decline is that of foreclosure proceedings that after accumulating since 2007 624.690 foreclosures are declining slightly.

Behind these cold numbers there are children, adults, young and old who have been abandoned by the state. Families suffering the consequences of the PP government policies of Mariano Rajoy 

That is, policies that have no desire to address the issue. Each time the government announced a new measure, we warned  it would be an absolute failure. The Code of Good Practice that has been left out to 99.3%, the Mock Moratorium on Evictions has been unable to stop 135,000 evictions carried out during its term, the Social Housing Fund is ridiculous etc.

Since its inception, the Platform of People Affected by Mortgages has taken measures to address the housing emergency.However, these proposals have been met with the systematic blocking of PP-PSOE establishment parties. Meanwhile, the collective intelligence and determination of the PAH  has allowed us to assert our rights, rehousing families through the ”Social Work of PAH” ( occupations).

We demand the resignation of the prime minister and deputies of PP block, because we can not be governed by those who allow the violation of human rights. Mariano go home now!

Yes We Can Do It!

You can retrieve data from the General Judicial Council on this link.

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By  Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca