Emmen (NL): 10 years Huize Spoorloos

It all started 10 years ago.
The first building was squatted in 2005 by ‘squatgroup Emmen’; an industrial building at the railway platform.
Various initiatives arose spontaneously, amongst others the giveaway store, and an open jam-session on Saturday evenings.
After 1.5 years we had to move away from the railway tracks and ‘moved around’ until in 2007 we came to the ING bank building where we still are now.
Nowadays we have our own foodbank 3 times a week, have volunteersday on Wednesday, when we also organize a soup kitchen (vegan food for €1) and a movienight.
On Thursday and Saturday the giveaway store is opened, and we have either an open jam-session (6i), or bands playing on Saturday evenings.

Recycle the empties, squat and fight!

Line Up:


20:00 Fam. Veldhuis
21:00 Betonrot
22:00 Beta-Caroteen
23:00 Crustenunie
00:00 Attackrobotattack


18:00 McScallywag
19:00 Captain Caveman
20:00 Ill Neglect
21:00 GI Joke
22:00 Agathocles
23:00 System Bastard
00:00 A Point of Protest
01:00 Siphilisation

Saturday there will also be a vegan bbq. Sleeping and parking places are no problem. See you there.