Amsterdam: ADM, strange things going on around us now

On the morning of June 1st, one of us noticed this excavator near the entrance of the ADM. When this person asked what the plan was, one of the workers replied: “Making an emergency exit”. They couldn’t show their permit, so we told them to stop and come back with the proper paperwork. This is a really strange action! Especially since it’s now the breeding season…

Later on the police came to deal with the situation. They told us that no permit was required. The only thing needed is to notify the authorities and this had been done. So the workers are now continuing….


We did a second intervention and the police came again. This time we convinced them that an independent nature survey was required first, which was agreed upon. This survey will (probably be done tomorrow (June 2nd. 2015). Till that time no digging allowed!

To be continued…


The week before someone of us saw a man in a suit taking pictures through the fence. Besides him was an expensive looking Audi parked. When asked “Why are you taking pictures of my backyard?”, the response was: “It’s not your backyard”….


ADM, Hornweg 6, 1045AR Amsterdam