Bristol: Rising Up evicted

Today (March 15) marked six weeks of Rising Up protecting, supporting and loving the land, trees, wildlife and community at Stapleton allotments and Avon & Frome Valley Conservation Area.

After 4 days of a complex and drawn out eviction, due to the persistence and ingenuity of the activists, all of the tree protectors have now been brought down. The eviction has been a generally peaceful but at times challenging experience, with some instances of aggression and assault on protectors, which have been logged and will be reported.

The mindless damage to the wildlife habitat has been deeply upsetting, with no evidence of surveys or techniques, which would lessen the impact on reptiles, bats and birds in this Conservation Area, also to be reported.

The Rising Up campaign has reached heights we could only have imagined, motivated by love and respect for the land but also by the support and solidarity from the community, both locally and at large.

Tenacious protectors have climbed high, stood their ground and told their story, from the treetops, to the world! The strength and resilience of our actions have come from the diversity, creativity and conviction of activists, campaigners and supporters who range from professionals to students, activists to politicians between – 3 weeks to 96 years old! Our issues of land, community and earth rights have touched the hearts and minds of many.

Although we are no longer occupying the land, we remain committed to our aims; to protect this land, to stop the MetroBus road and to challenge the decisions and processes that have allowed this development to take place.

This is not the end of this story by any means, we will continue Rising Up…watch this space!